Simple Renaming Panel

download Introduction Simple Renaming Panel is a small and handy tool to rename more objects at the same. The tool includes basic functionalities like adding suffixes, prefixes, search and replace, add suffixes depending on the object type and more. This tool can be a real everyday helper as renaming more objects is needed very often. This tool is kept simple to be user friendly. Nether the less there is still a lot of room to improve it. Feedback is highly welcome. Download and Installation You can download the Simple Renaming Panel here. Like any other Add on, you can simply install it by going to File > User Preferences > Add-ons and click at the button Install from File . In the new opened window choose the .zip file of the addon and press Install from file . The Simple Renaming Panel should now appear in your Add-ons Window to simply activate it. Update The Addon uses the Blender Addon Updater. Activate “Autocheck for Updates” and the Addon will search for new updates. You won’t need to install newer versions of it manually. Key Features Simple Renaming Panel All / Selected: you can easily choose if the renaming operations should […]
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