36 Hours GameJams



We won the Hagenberg Game Jam 2013 with this game.

The Game

Industry is expanding and polluting the air. Cooperatively you control nature to strike back against industry by planting trees, casting thunder and hailstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes. You win when the air is completely clean.

My main task was to create the assets for the game and unwrap them. I created all the trees (with 3 stages of animation), the industry buildings and the natural disasters like clouds, thunder and tornado.


Team "IndusTree"

The Dark Night

Our entry to the Hagenberg Game Jam 2014 which came off second-best.

The Game

Darkness is about to engulf an old house and its two inhabitants. Only light can save them but light bulbs are fragile and flashlight batteries don't last forever. Team up and fight the darkness! How long can you both survive?
My main task in this project was to create the house in which the game takes place. The characters and most of the smaller indoor assets were created by Markus Hadinger and Christoph Lendenfeld.


Team "The Dark Night"