I created a dissolving fruit for the short movie Pakan. This was a really challenging situation because there were so many things that interact with each other. To create the skin of the fruit I used Maya’s nCloth simulation. It was really difficult to control the cloth simulation. At the beginning I used around 7 force fields to get the wanted result, after some improvements I managed to use only 4 force fields for the final simulation. This nCloth simulation is accompanied by particles driven particles and fluids. The Emission particles, that are responsible to emit the smaller parts of the skin as well as the fluids are not visible and following the nChloth simulation. There are a lot of parameters that control the emission process as for example the lifetime and speed of the emitting particles.
All simulation, the cloth simulation, the particles and the fluids are colliding with the animated hands of the main character Pakan.
Not only the dissolving fruit uses particle systems, also the ghost that is born inside of the fruit uses particle systems to get the wanted look. It was not easily possible to treat the simulations separately, as there is a volumetric fluid simulation to create the sense of depth. The timing and interaction between both simulations and all the animations had to be perfectly timed.