Quarry Bank Mill 3D #01

General / 14 March 2020

I have recently started to work on a cotton mill from the industrial revolution. The heart of the scene will be a realistic cotton self-acting spinning mule the 1800s. I got interested in the industrial revolution while playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. After reading a lot about the era I decided to go away from the portrayed iron industry and steam engines and focus on another essential part, the textile industry. Especially the aesthetics of the complex machines used inspired my decision. The main reference will be the Quarry Bank mill.

I have spent the whole last weekend to read articles and watch documentaries. I tried for hours to find out what machine it is, what's the purpose and the name. I gathered as much references as I could. I collected enough pictures and videos as well as sketches from historical books with similar machines. At some point I felt confident enough to start with the project. I have never been at the location myself and I won't be able to shoot reference pictures for myself! Therefore, finding good footage is essential. 

As a starting point I used fspy to create 2 Camera planes as reference and imported them in blender. 

This is the first, quick blocking. I started by freely model some of the shapes and then double check it with the camera planes. The shapes, proportions and positions aren't perfect, but a good starting point. It will be refined in the further process.