Collider Tools 1.1 - UPDATE!

News / 13 September 2022

Hey folks,

There is a big update for collider tools :)! Collider Tools 1.1.

It contains a lot of new features improving the overall experience a lot.

  • Generate colliders per selected object or around the entire selection.
  • Create arbitrarily oriented minimum bounding boxes. You can generate automatically oriented box colliders with the lowest volume possible.
  • The entire physic materials system has been redone.
  • Collider groups are introduced and offer a more customizable way of grouping, selecting, organizing, and naming colliders according to their functionality. It replaces the old simple-complex system.
  • Regenerate naming. Change the collider naming after creation from UE to Unity.
  • Bug fixes and other new features.

Release Notes and documentation are already updated: