Quarry Bank Mill 3D #06

General / 19 April 2020

After spending the last blog post mainly focusing on technical tools, tricks and improvements, I will focus again on the progression I made on the mule itself. This update is a huge step forward in my option. Most of the areas have been defined and most of the mule is now at least partially in the 3D model.

After the unsuccessful hunt for references of the back side I decided to contact the Quarry Bank Mill directly and ask them for some reference images. The response was super nice, and they sent me immediately the few photos from below. Thank you so much! I doubt being able to recreate the backside in the same way as I do now without these images. And it is still a pain and forcing my skills to its limits.

Look at this insane rope system!  ! I totally underestimated these. It was so satisfying to finally solve one of them. 

Even after receiving the images from Quarry Bank I am missing information on some of the areas. These are hardly visible and therefore especially difficult to make. It will take me some more time to get them done. Currently I spent as much time looking through the references, technical drawings and similar machines to find hints for the missing pieces. All the parts are highly interconnected, and the machine can only work if every little screw is at its proper place. It is so rewarding that now more and more pieces fit together.